4 Places To Touch A Woman And Make Her Go Crazy For You

1. Her hair

Maintaining such gorgeous locks of theirs is not the only reason women go to their hairstylists so very often. The combined process of washing, cutting, coloring, and styling can actually be quite a stress reliever. Running your hands very slowly and gently through her hair is a surefire way to send some tingling chills down her spine.
Let your fingers massage the circles starting from her temples to the nape of her neck and she will really be putty in your hands.

2. The pelvis region

Imparting some affection on her pelvic area is an excellent idea indeed; however, you will have to resist the constant urge to slip down to her v@gina while you are so close to it. Like teasing her inner thighs, kissing and licking around her pelvis will surely excite her until she is just begging for more of it from you.
Prolong this very sensation by leaving the region to focus on another body part for a while as well. To speak of the inner thighs touching her inner thighs without venturing into the vaginal area will surely make for an excellent tease that is sure to get her revved up.
Use your hands and even mouth to caress as well as kiss the insides of her thighs, getting excruciatingly close to her ultimate pleasure spot, however pulling back before going all the way.

3. Her feet

Pul.p Fict.ion has taught us very well that rubbing the feet of another man’s wife may be quite an offensive action that is punishable by being thrown out of a window, so the sensual appeal of a foot massage is quite obvious. There are some better ways that will help her relax than to give her feet a wonderful rub, especially if the job requires her to be on them all day long.
Do it in a correct manner and grab some massage oil or even lotion.
Never forget to pay some good attention to her toes, ankles and even the sides of her feet too. Some women actually enjoy having their toes sucked, but others also find it repulsive, so asking first is a pretty good idea before just putting them in your mouth.

4. Palms of her hands

People most of the times use their hands as tools to please their partners, however, rarely do they consider the pleasure potential of stimulating the hands themselves.
The palm of a lady’s hand is an innocuous spot to focus a little attention on without even making people around you uncomfortable.
Tracing your finger just along her palm thoroughly will give her delightful shivers and even make you appear sensitive and a bit attentive.

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