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7 Natural Ways to Remove Your Earwax Buildup

1. Hydrogen Peroxide
This is very simple to use. Ten minutes before you shower, just put 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears.

In case of excessive ear wax, you can do this once a month in order to have ear canals that shall be free of excess wax.

2. Baby Oil
For this, you can use glycerin and mineral oil in the same manner. You can do this in order to soften the wax. With the use of eye dropper put few drops of baby oil in your ears.

3. Garlic Ear Drops
The garlic is an old folk remedy people used to put one clove of garlic in the ears when they had a cold. So for sure, we know it helpful and it is also for your earwax.

In order to make garlic drops, first, you need to soak one clove that is minced and soak it in 2 tbsp. coconut oil. The coconut oil should be warm, and the clove of garlic should soak for 30 minutes.

Then you need to strain out the garlic. Take one eye dropper and put 2 drops in your ears. Then after 10 minutes, you can clean your ears.

4. Warm Water
To do this, you will only need to have a rubber-bulb syringe. With that, you can put warm water in your ears.

The best way to do it is to tilt your head and pull the outer ear up and then back to straighten in order to expose your ear canal.

After you finish, you need to tilt the head to the opposite direction so the water can drain.

5. Acupressure
There is a pressure point that is called Gallbladder 20. This point is located between your ear and spine in 2 dips on the back of your skull. And if you press it, you might alleviate ear congestion.

The best way to do it is to use the thumbs and massage this pressure point in a circular motion. Do this for 2 minutes.

6. Salt Water
Instead of warm water, you can use salt water. The procedure is very easy and simple to do. In ¼ cup of warm water add ¼ teaspoon salt and mix it. Take and eye dropper and put 2 to 3 drops in your ears.

If this is not suitable for you, there is another alternative. You can take one cotton ball and soak it with the mixture and dab it gently in your ears.

7. Baking Soda
Mix two teaspoons of water with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda. You need to tilt the head and put the mixture in your ears. To do this, you can use a cotton ball or an eye dropper.

For additional information consult your doctor or nutritionist.

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