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These Are The 8 Health Benefits of Eating Banana Flower Most People Do Not Know

Health Benefits of Banana Flowers


The banana flowers will help you:

–Strengthen the uterus

–Reduce hypertension

–Treat anemia

-Relieve constipation

-Improve the function of the kidneys

-Treat ulcer

-Regulate the menstrual cycle

-Help you in the case of diabetes and when breastfeeding

How to prepare it:

-Add two tablespoons of oil, and some mustard seeds in a pan, and let them splutter.

-Add sliced onions and green chilies, fry them and add the banana flowers.

-Add turmeric, curry leaves, salt, coriander, and hing, and some water. Cover with a lid and leave it a while.

-Finally, add some crushed coconut and stir well.

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