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9 Signs You’re Overstressed And Don’t Know It

Modern medicine and science recognize the capacity of stress to cause chaos in the body and lead to diseases in the body and mind.

Stress accelerates the aging process, and it also weakens the immune system, making you prone to viruses and colds, as well as Parkinson’s disease.
Yet, since its symptoms are most often unclear, it is not noticed immediately, and thus causes even greater damage to health.

Our body reacts as soon as it senses stress, and here is how it reacts:

The colon and stomach start to shut down

The body needs more blood and it takes it from the colon and stomach

The lack of blood makes organs age faster

The digested food remains there and begins to rot in the colon.

The colon is the place where 90% of your immune system is fighting diseases

Quick treatment will provide great benefits, so you need to know the early signs that you are overstressed and act on time:

Constantly feeling anxious

When you are overstressed, you constantly feel restless and anxious, and if you don’t find a way to relax, the issues will only worsen.

Being stressed often makes you lose your temper, impatient, irritated and angry.

Hair loss
According to Carolyn Jacob, a medical director and founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, changes in the hair are mainly due to the overstressed body.

Apparently, every person loses about 100 hairs daily, but since stress changes the normal physiologic functions of the body, it also increases hair loss.

Weight gain
Stress often causes weight variations, as it leads to appetite loss and losing weight, but it also slows metabolism and causes weight gain.

Low libido
Stress reduces the number of hormones for sexual activity and thus leads to low libido, impotence, and exhaustion.

You get moody
Stress affects the levels of the hormones and thus influences mood, and more severe complications, like anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, many mental-health problems, and addictions.

Thinking about work, even when you’re at home
Stress makes you constantly occupied with your work, finances, and obligations. Therefore, even when you are at home, you just can’t stop thinking about your job.

Stress is the main cause of all changes in the sleeping pattern, so if you cannot sleep well or remain asleep, try to find something to calm you at bedtime, in order to prevent serious health issues.

Physical pain
Stress leads to malfunctioning of the body and causes tense muscles, palpitation, ulcers, diarrhea, stomach problems, or chest pain. Moreover, it is often the reason behind your headaches, pain in the body, and even severe arthritis.

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