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A Baking Soda Mask That Can Remove Dead Skin From Your Face

 How to prepare an exfoliating mask

If you want to remove acne, minimize enlarged pores and exfoliate dead skin cells you should prepare this baking soda salt mask. This natural remedy can cleanse your skin naturally. But we should warn that you should be careful using this mask because these products can hurt your delicate skin.

 Follow these rules to avoid skin irritation:

-Do not use this mask if your skin is sensitive, if you experience diseases of the circulatory system or if you have wounds and injuries on your face.

-Before you apply this natural mask to your face you should test it on the skin of your wrist.

-Apply a mask and massage your face in circular motions.

-First rinse it with warm water and then use cold water.

-Apply an anti-inflammatory cream to your face.


-a container

-two tsp. of baking soda

-two tsp. of salt

-two tsp. of gel cleanser

Mix all the products and apply this liquid to your face in circular motions for five minutes. You can use this mask twice a week. This scrub will reduce inflammation and remove dead skin cells.

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