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Eat 2 Bananas Every Day for 1 Month and You Will Experience These 9 Things

Without doubt, bananas are among the most popular fruits in the world and a lot of people prefer them over apples and oranges. They are low on sodium and abundant in potassium. Eating 2 bananas daily can minimize the chance of heart-related issues and regulate the blood pressure. They are rich in fructose, sucrose, and fiber.

The Benefits of Ripe Bananas

Though many of you do not want to eat the bananas with dark brown spots on their skin, this ripeness indicates that the bananas are abundant in TNF, an anticarcinogenic compound that can avert the spread of cancerous cells. When you eat these bananas regularly, you better the production of white blood cells and strengthen the immunity.

Other Advantages of Ripe Bananas

  • When the body’s overly hot or cold, eat a banana to regulate the temperature
  • Bananas contain vitamins B that can balance the blood sugar levels and relax the central nervous system, which is great against anxiety and PMS
  • Bananas can act as natural antacid that can reduce acid reflux and heartburn
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure, eat 1 to 2 bananas per day because they contain potassium that can lower the blood pressure
  • To elevate your energy, eat a banana or two and you will also be able to increase your workout endurance
  • This amazing fruit has the capacity to avert acidic irritation and treat ulcers.
  • The iron in bananas makes them the perfect natural cure against anemia. Iron is a mineral which triggers the hemoglobin and red blood cell production
  • The tryptophan in bananas turns into serotonin in the body and relaxes the muscles and improves the mood. This is highly recommendable against depression
  • If you suffer from constipation, opt for a banana because they are abundant in fiber that will enhance the digestion.

source : getorganicmedicine com

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