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Hidden Warning Signs of Cancer that People Too Often Ignore!

Lump or Bumps

In case you notice a lump that is growing in any part of the body, consult your doctor immediately! Your doctor will send you to a specialist for any test if they think that the lump may indicate cancer.

Change in Skin Moles

If you notice any changes in your moles, freckles` or warts appearance, check with your doctor. These changes may indicate skin cancer which is highly treatable if detected on time.

Variation in Bladder Activity

If you notice any blood in your urine or feel pain while peeing, consult your doctor right away. These symptoms may be a sign of bladder, prostate, or kidney cancer.

Change in Bowel Habits

Any change in your bowel movement, such as timing, size, and amount, doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with cancer. In most cases, it is a result of certain foods or medications you are taking. However, if it happens on regular basis, consult your doctor.

Cough and Hoarseness

A persistent cough for more than three weeks seeks medical attention. Symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain may indicate a severe or acute condition, such as pneumonia.


Jaundice is a medical term which describes the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes caused by high blood bilirubin levels. Although it is usually a symptom of liver or gallbladder disease, sometimes it can also be caused by pancreatic cancer.

Changes in nails

Sometimes, unusual changes in fingernails may be an indicator of many types of cancers such as skin, liver, or lung cancer. Some of the warning signs include:

Black or brown spots under your nails may be a sign of skin cancer.

Clubbing of the fingers or toes (enlarged ends of the nails) is linked to lung cancer.

Pale or white nails is usually a sign of decreased liver function, but in some cases, it may also indicate to the development of liver cancer.

Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

Although wheezing and shortness of breath are usually associated with other medical conditions, in some cases, these symptoms can also indicate the presence of lung cancer.

For additional information consult your doctor or nutritionist.

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