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Just 1 Glass Of This And Your Stomach Fat Will Burn Like You Never Expected

Overall body fat is one thing but generally, we are more concerned about belly fat and wanna get rid of this as soon as possible. Exercise is one thing that is a general solution to losing weight all over body but today I am going to share one weight loss drink that will directly hit your fat on stomach and all of it will melt beyond your expectation

To prepare this drink major ingredient that you need is cumin seeds, also known as jeera, very easily available in every kitchen

Cumin seeds is not useful to prepare tasty dishes but it is also very effective for losing fat around stomach

You will need

1 spoon cumin seeds + 1 glass water

Steps to follow:

  • Add cumin seeds in water
  • Cover and leave it overnight
  • Next morning filter this water, crush soaked cumin seeds and add this to water
  • Now boil this water and drink this water empty stomach when it is lukewarm

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