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People with “the line of the guardian angel” on their palm are generally very happy people

People who have a parallel line in their hand with the “life line” are incredibly lucky. This could be either on left hand or right hand.

Such lines on the palm are rare and are often referred to as “the line of the guardian angel”. This means that the person is under the special protection of a guardian angel.

Other names sometimes used for this unique line are “the line of Mars,” or “the second life line”.

People, who have this line on their palm, are generally very happy people who are content with the simple things in life. It is not unheard of that people with this line can survive terrible disasters and accidents with the help of little miracles. People with this line also can expect to have excellent health and do not experience financial distress. They overcome obstacles on the path of life very easily.

If you have this line in your palm – be grateful to the source that gives all things life and to your guardian angel for protection.

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