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Things You Should Avoid Before You Get Pregnant

Stop eating birth control pills

It is the common sense that you have to throw away your birth control pills before you can conceive. You must stop using such things about two cycles before you want to have a baby.

You can also consult with the gynecologist to get things going on the right way.

Stop smoking

Not after getting pregnant, but you have to stop smoking before you get pregnant in order to be a healthy pregnant woman as well as to keep the imminent baby healthy.

Not only you but your partner must also quit smoking because it is approved by studies that men who smoke cigarettes most, have inferior sperm count and swimming speed than others.

Don’t be over or underweight

Before getting pregnant, being both underweight and overweight can have a direct effect on fertility and fetal health, so you need to maintain a healthy weight.

Consult with your healthcare provider to ask about basic steps you must take to maintain a healthy weight.

Caffeine consumption

Before getting pregnant is the right time to give the caffeine consumption up or cut down to one latte in order to maintain good health and a healthy unborn baby.

Too much caffeine consumption has directly been linked with fertility problems, so cut the caffeine consumption down for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Avoid eating disorders and eat balanced diet

Healthy eating keeps you fit & healthy especially before getting pregnant to have a baby. You must eat on time and stick with the healthy food groups like fresh fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and dairy items.

You must also avoid foods high in sugar and fat.

Get rid off BPA

You can simply do it by changing your plastic water bottle or by using food items not packed in plastic containers or packing.

Basically, bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic synthetic compound found in plastic items just like plastic water bottles and food containers that potentially lowers the sperm count or lessens the number of viable eggs in both male and female.

Cut off the soda as well

Consumption of soda leads to lower fertility, approved by studies.

Moreover, several soda drinks and soft drinks are packed in containers that have BPA and other chemicals that your doctor may ask you to avoid before getting pregnant.

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