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Your Toes Say a Lot About Your Future, and Personality: See How the Length Determines Whether You’ll be Rich and Happy!

Big Toe:

Inspect your big toe and notice if it is longer than the rest of your toes. If your big toe is the longest of them all this means that you are intelligent and creative and always tend to solve your problems in creative ways. You have better perspective than most of the people because you are always full with ideas. Your focus doesn’t lasts long which means that you often abandon your projects at the middle.

If your big toe is smaller than the rest of your toes, this means that you don’t have problems with multitasking. People often agree with your ideas and opinions because you are good in negotiating and very effective in completing your tasks.

Second Toe

The second toe is related with the leadership qualities. According to the science, the longer it is the better leader you are. You are full of energy and people always believe you and support you. When you believe something is right, you show initiative and strong desire to implement it, which can be positive or negative. There are reports from India that mothers didn’t allow their sons to marry women who have longer second toe since they are too bossy.

If it is shorter than this means that you can’t stand up for yourself, but you are more level-headed and don’t rush into things. You always think twice before do something important.

Third Toe

If it is longer than this means that you are resourceful and dynamic at your job. You always tend to be successful in your field of work. The Chinese tradition teaches us that this toe is related with energy, willpower and drive. Moreover, these people are perfectionists who are always willing to climb higher. They focus too much at their work and forget about the other people in their life.

If it is short, then you are relaxed and like to enjoy in small pleasures in life. You are always shilling out and nothing makes you nervous. You may look lazy in the eyes of other people. Your motto is “enjoy in your life while it lasts”.

Fourth Toe

If your fourth toe is larger than the other than this means that your family is always at the first place in your life. Problems in your private life, with your partner, family and love life will show up in a curling in the fourth toe. You always listen the other people’s problems and try to help them. The problems in your family could impact your happiness significantly.

If you have clawed fourth toe you must try and unwind a little bit and not worry too much about the other people’s problems. If you worry too much it could seriously impact your health.

In case the fourth toe is shorter, the person is not focused on his family too much.

Little Toe

The people who have small little toe are childish and don’t like to be responsible. They aren’t too focused and easily get bored of everything. They always tend to find new distractions. You are always the funniest person in the crowd, but you have to grow up at some point of your life and be more responsible.

If your small toe can be separated from the fourth toe, this means that you are charming, impulsive and adventurous. If you cannot do this, than you are predictable, loyal and like routines in your life.

Arches on your Feet:

If you have these, than you are independent and self-centered. You like to be alone and sometimes you are even anti-social. People often think that you are stubborn.

In case your arches are lower, you are very communicative and like to be with people. You always tend to have fun and entertain other people.

Wide Feet

These people are restless and always on the run. If you are one of them then you should stop for a minute and reflect on your decisions.

Narrow Long Feet

If your feet are long and narrow then you are always late and make people to wait for you. You always avoid the hard work and wait for other people to do it for you. You always care for your beauty.

Toes That Neatly Graduate in Size

In case your toes are neatly graduate in size then you are practical, accurate and systematic. Moreover, you like details and always finish your work. You are very loved by your bosses and friends. They are aware that you are loyal and they can always lean on you.

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