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10 Sleeping Positions And What They Say About Your Love Life

The Chase

This is a common couple sleeping position. It either indicates that one person is in pursuit of the other or that one partner does not feel like being in a close relationship, while the other one insists. The name itself indicates the meaning of this sleep position.

The Tangle

There is a lot of intimacy going on in this sleeping position. That’s why it is extremely rare! It is typical at the beginning of a romantic relationship. It indicates that the partners are too dependent on each other to sleep apart.

The Unraveling Knot

This position starts with the tangle position but unravels after a couple of minutes. It shows that the relationship is strong and there is independence between the partners.

The Spoon

This isn’t a common sleep position, but partners who sleep in this position are usually very protective over each other.

The Loose Spoon

This sleeping position is a sign a mature relationship. Although it is less sexual position than classical spooning, it is a sign of a serious and healthy relationship.

The Liberty Lovers

This sleeping position is quite common and shows connection and security.

The Back Kissers

This sleeping position is a sign of a relaxed and comfortable relationship.

The Nuzzle

This sleeping position creates a sense of protection, nurturing and strengthening of the relationship.

The Leg Hug

The partner who intertwines their legs shows that they crave an emotional or sexual connection. It is a good sleeping position as it indicates harmony between the partners.

The Space Hog

This isn’t a good sleeping position for partners as it shows that the partner is selfish and dominant. This type of relationship is toxic and should be ended as soon as possible.

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