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4 Home Remedies to Quickly Get Rid of Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are known as annoying sickness that incommodes you for days. However, there is no need to worry as there is a solution to your problem. There are various home remedies available that can help you eliminate the waste that torments your sinuses.

Some of the most common symptoms for sinus infections are the following:

  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Facial tenderness
  • Discolored nasal discharge
  • Pain
  • Nasal stiffness
  • Fever
  • Pressure
  • Cough

Keep reading and learn which 4 are the best sinus infection natural treatments. There is no need of visiting your doctor and waiting all day to hear something that you already are familiar with.

  1. Oregano Oil

The oregano oil has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. It is also known as a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent that acts as both immune-booster and an antioxidant.

Add few drops of oregano oil in a half cup of boiling water. Inhaling this steam will clear congestion and thus open your sinuses. Performing this treatment on regular basis will help you get rid of the infection quickly. You can also add a couple drops in a glass of water and consume this drink several times daily.

Another trick you can try is dropping a few droplets of oil under your tongue. This will also work great for your sinus infection. All of the aforementioned tricks are very effective, and they are especially helpful in case you are pressed for time and cannot visit the doctor.

  1. Turmeric

This spice also provides antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties. So, apart from using it for culinary purposes, you can also use this spice to clear your sinus infection. What makes turmeric so effective in treating sinus infection is its compound called curcumin. This active compound clears your airways and reduces the swelling in your sinus cavity.

You can mix a tsp of turmeric powder with a glass of milk and a little honey. Drink this on daily basis for about a week. Another trick you can try is mixing turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and gargle it several times daily.

Finally, you can make a turmeric smoothie. Take 2 pieces of turmeric root and blend them with a banana, lemon juice, tbsp of honey, a half-cup of water, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Just like the above mentioned solutions, this one should also be consumed daily until the infection disappears.

  1. Horseradish

This remedy is also very popular when it comes to sinus infections, and it is very helpful in removing the mucus from the nasal passages. This perennial plant is rich in sulfur and it acts as a natural antibiotic.

The horseradish treatment for sinus infection may seem like a difficult task but it very effective. Put freshly grated horseradish in your mouth and keep it until it loses its flavor. When done, swallow. You should repeat this procedure several times daily until you get rid of the annoying infection.

  1. Onions

You may not have been familiar with the fact that onions are great decongestant. They contain sulfur compounds that fight off fungi and bacteria. Moreover, onions are very helpful in opening up the sinuses.

Take an onion, chop it into small pieces, and put them into a pot of water. Bring the water to boil, boil for about 5 minutes, and then inhale the odors for a little while. When done, strain the liquid and drink right away. Your sinuses infection is likely to go away after several days of regular use of this treatment.

Source: healthylifebase com

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