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5 Exercises That Will Help You Get Rid Of The Hip, Knee And Foot Pain

The pain in the joints is one of the crucial causes of disability in the USA and it actually affects 1 in 5 Americans. Pain in the back, neck, leg and knee is on the top of the list. Chronic pain in the knees is affecting more than hundred million Americans – that is fifteen to twenty percents of men and around twenty percent of women.

What can contribute for the development of pain in the knees? 

  • Being physically inactive
  • Bad body posture
  • Insufficient nourishments
  • Extra weight and obesity

You need regular exercises to strengthen your joints and prevent discomfort and pain.

Moreover, the pain in the hips and the feet can also be really unpleasant.

We offer you a list of good exercises which will alleviate the pain:

  1. Heel Pumpers

You need to sit on the bottom step of stairs and place a tennis ball under your heels. Then, lean your forearms on your knees and pump the helps up and then down on these tennis balls. Do this for about 2 minutes.

  1. Wall Pushes 

Start by facing a wall. Put your hands on the wall, at the height of the shoulders. Put one foot in front of your other foot, about 30 cm from this wall. After that you need to be with your back knee straight and you need to bend the front knee toward the wall.

  1. Wall squat

Begin by standing with the back against a wall, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Then, start bending your knees, and keep your pelvis and back against the wall, and hold this pose for about ten seconds. Do this a few times.

  1. Lying and lateral leg raise

First, lie on the right side and then stretch your right arm out to keep your balance. Then, elevate your left leg as high up as you can. Then bring the hand down to align it with your other leg.

  1. Step-Up

Put one of your feet on step bench or maybe the lowest step on the staircase and bend your knee gradually and lower your opposite foot on the ground. Then, touch the toe to the ground and raise the foot back up.

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