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6 Causes of edema (Water retention)and tips for reversa

Water retention or edema is deposits of water in every cavity or tissue and blood too. This makes swelling of hands, ankles, legs, feet, especially in pregnant women.

Also, those that sit a lot, or are on meds and avoid workouts.

Edema is not dangerous but it might be heart or kidney failure. Not serious, so it can be prevented.


Excess sodium- diet with salt and spices with lack of water is the cause. Water will expand cells by 20 times and salt is not the only salty thing. Also avoid meat, processed food, canned veggies, condiments, pickles…get Celtic and Himalayan salt.

Magnesium deficit- this mineral is vital and its deficit makes edema. A study said 200 mg of this daily reduces edema in females and PMS too. Eat Mg foods and supplements; get dark chocolate, spinach, dry fruits, yogurt, dark veggies, whole grains, nuts, peas, avocados.

Vitamin B6 deficit- this vitamin balances the water inside. The Journal of caring sciences said women with PMS edema got more B6 and felt better. This is water soluble so eat chicken, potato with skin, pistachios, tuna, beef, bananas, sunflower seeds.

The deficit in potassium- another crucial mineral. It balances water too. Salt and not healthy foods make this deficit. It causes spasms, cramps, weight gain. Also, this mineral can reverse salt damage so eat rockmelon, watermelon, honey melon.

Dehydration- lack of water means edema. Have water, natural juices, and no coffee or sodas.

Processed food- not just sugar and salt, also fast foods have toxins that burden us. Sweeteners make abnormal sugar spikes and insulin problems.


These herbs and spices reduce this damage and are diuretics.

Dandelion, horsetail, parsley, corn silk, nettle, hibiscus, fennel, garlic.

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