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7 Nail Symptoms And What They Mean For Your Health

1. Cracked, Brittle or Dry Nails

Many everyday environments are affecting your nails and cause these symptoms, like living in a low humidity area, constantly exposed to chemicals, using nail polish remover too often, or having your hands in water more often.

The cracking or splitting of your nails may also be caused, due thyroid disease, fungal infections, mostly hypothyroidism. Also brittle nails may occur, in the case of biotin deficiency, or vitamin C and A deficiency.

2. Yellow Nails

Many reasons can be responsible for yellow nails, like smoking, aging and using nail polish too often, or it can be due to acrylic nails. If they are looking crumbly, yellow, and thick, 90% you have a simple fungal infection which you didn’t know about. Some other reasons can be also blamed for the yellow nails appearance, such as respiratory diseases, diabetes, thyroid diseases or even psoriasis.

3. White Spots

If you are stressing very often, or you constantly are going through trauma, you are very likely to develop white spots. Usually this condition is not that serious and you don’t need to stress about it, they will surely grow out. But you should see a dermatologist, because sometimes they may be signaling fungal infection.

4. Clubbing

Clubbing is a condition where your nails are growing downwards, and also your fingertips are enlarging too. This mostly is caused by low oxygen supplies in your lungs and in your blood, therefore this symptom can be caused by a lot of heart disease, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or even AIDS.

5. Spoon Nails

If you see your nails, are becoming curved upwards on the edges, just like a spoon, this is a strong signal that you are in lack of iron or you are suffering from hypothyroidism or a heart disease.

6. Horizontal Ridges

According to a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, John Anthony M.D., “This mostly occurs, if you are stressing out a lot, or you are constantly experiencing trauma, but sometimes this symptom can be due to some more dangerous and serious illness, and you can see that if the symptom is on more nails than one. And your body sends you a message, that it has better things to do than make your nails beautiful, which leads to reduced growth of your nails.”

Horizontal ridges are also known as Beau’s lines, and they mostly are caused by zinc deficiency, psoriasis, diabetes or a circulatory disease. Also there is another type of horizontal lines that is known as Mee’s Lines. and they mostly are caused from leprosy, arsenic poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, Hodgkin’s disease, or malaria.

7. Dark Discolorations

If you are seeing some black streaks on your nails, or it is painful while they are growing, go consult with your doctor, do not wait because this may be caused from melanoma.

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