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9 Foods That Can Help You Flaunt Your Teeth

All people want to have healthy and beautiful teeth and gums. The teeth determined the health of a person, and his work capacity in the days of old. Today, a beautiful smile is an important attribute of a person’s attractiveness.

It facilitates the establishment of social contacts and helps to achieve success in society. In addition to the socio-aesthetic function, teeth and gums have a very important anatomical significance. Our teeth are bone formations in the mouth that serve to grind food. In addition, they play a significant role in the pronunciation of many sounds.

The health of teeth and gums depends on the health of the whole organism. Therefore, doctors recommend regular exercise, which stimulates blood circulation in the body and strengthens the immune system. Healthy eating is not less important. Let’s look through the most useful foods that all of us should eat:

#1. Start eating cheese. It is rich in calcium, so it is the best choice for your teeth.

#2. Turmeric can help you deal with all oral problems and diseases.

#3. Eat more cucumbers and limit eating of lemon. Yes, lemons can make your teeth whiter, but they can destroy your enamel. You should better choose cucumbers instead lemons.

#4. Eat more strawberries. They are rich in vitamin C and can make your teeth healthier.

#5. Add more tofu to your diet. It is rich in calcium and will make your teeth stronger. You should also limit drinking of fizzy drinks.

#6. If you like to drink tea, choose green tea instead of black tea. It will remove all bacteria from your mouth.

#7. Do you know anything about oil pulling? Try coconut oil and you will love the results. You should limit eating of chocolate.

#8. If you want to remove plaques, eat more celery and do not eat potato chips.

#9. Eat more onions. They have really great properties for white and healthy teeth.

source : mrhealthyteam com

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