What Are the Chances of Getting Herpes?

What Are the Chances of Getting Herpes?

Many people ask about ways they can determine their risk of getting herpes. However, that depends on various factors.


You are less likely to become infected if you wear condom when having se* with someone who is infected with HSV2.

Whether or not your partner already has herpes sores helps determine your risk of getting herpes. Outbreaks usually increase the risk to manifold.

You are less likely to become infected though if your partner is taking anti-viral medications.

Moreover, how frequently you engage in se*ual activity is another factor affecting your chances of getting herpes.

In case you are engaging in se*ual activities with some who has an active herpes rash, your chance of contracting the infection is around 75-80%. That is only when you are not using a condom. The risk of getting herpes does not change with the change in se*ual activity – the chances remain the same whether you have oral se*, va*inal se*, or anal se*. You can even affect your mouth when having oral se* with someone having genital herpes.

While the use of condoms really help reduce the overall risk of getting herpes, it is not completely effective against the disease. The reason is that you may still get the infection through pre-condom contact. Nevertheless, the use of condom is still strongly recommended to prevent the transfer of herpes and many other se*ually transmitted diseases.

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