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How To Drive Away Negative Energy From Home With Salt And Vinegar

Many people believe that only we are responsible for our own actions, and although we are, there are moments when certain situations are controlled by forces far bigger than us. It may sound crazy, but we’re not always in control of our lives. Sometimes, the negative energy accumulated around us will lead to bad things happening, but the good news is that you can eliminate them.

Today we’re going to present a few simple methods that will easily defeat bad vibes. They will also prevent their harmful actions and keep your problems reduced to a minimum.

Method #1

Put a bit of sea salt, vinegar and water in a glass, then leave the glass in a room you think bad vibes have accumulated in. Leave the glass overnight and check it in the morning – if its smudgy and there are bubbles on the surface, the mixture has absorbed the negative energies.

Method #2

Carnations can help you determine if there’s negative energy in your home. Put 10 white and 1 red carnation in a vase and observe – if the red flower has withered after a few days, it means that the spot is full of bad vibes. If the white carnations have withered, the room contains almost no negative energy. If all flowers have withered at the same time, the good and bad energies in the room are balanced. To attract clean energies, put only white carnations in the vase.

Method #3


Another indicator of negative energies in our home is leaving a candle burning overnight. If the wax has melted unevenly, then that room is full of bad vibes. If the candle has melted evenly, you don’t need to worry.

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