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Every Couple Should Do These Things For Their Relationship To Last Long

  1. Complimenting each other

Giving and receiving a compliment is a good thing to do in a relationship. It is effective as you are basically telling your partner how you feel about them. Truly complimenting a man/ woman`s integrity, abilities and judgment serves as an ego-booster. Do it more frequently!

  1. Doing Weird Things Together

A couple who behaves like friends are the happiest couple. They do enormous stuff together and they remain happy. As a couple, you should try doing all the weird stuff together and see how much this will help your relationship.

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  1. Conversation Related To S3x

Doing S3x is another thing and talking about is totally another thing. Talking about s3x intensifies the zeal of a relationship and according to a research, talking about s3x on regular basis helps the relationship to last long.

  1. Flirting Often

No matter how long you are together, it’s very important to flirt with your partner. After all, your relationship started like that!

  1. Kiss More Often! Make It Memorable!

If a relationship lasts for a while, partners tend to ignore the importance of kissing. It’s not for foreplay only, so remember that every kiss counts.

  1. Go on double dates

Being around other couples and talking about love creates even deeper emotional connections.

  1. Remember important dates

Birthdays, anniversaries and other important achievements should be regularly celebrated if you intend to commit to a relationship for the long haul.

  1. Make Sure You Have “A Couple Time” Every day

We have very tight schedules as we become older. No matter what, you have to try and be with your partner as a couple every day. Your relationship will be marvelous!

  1. Hold And Hug Yourselves During The Day, But In A Relaxing Way

Touching in non-se*ual manner can be quite satisfying on its own, strengthening and intensifying the relationship. Try to not always touch each other when you have the urge to have se*ual intercourse.

  1. Snuggling And Cuddling At Night

What`s better than snuggling and cuddling with your loved one at night? You must be a fool for not doing it!

  1. Not Holding Grudges For Too Long

Holding grudges is harmful to relationships and thus should be kept out of the equation. Make things clear and let it go.

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