About Life Zodiac Signs And You

If You Experience Any of these Signs, You are an Indigo Child Meant for Greater Things

A person who has taken birth in order to bring change and is destined to bring spiritual awakening among the lesser beings.


They are old souls with a free thinking temperament. It makes them see truth better than a common man, but at the same time makes it difficult for them to fit smoothly in the society. Their intuitions and their abilities to see visions or communicate spiritually could form ridges with the common world if they are misunderstood, or worse, misdiagnosed and medicated.


As mentioned above, indigo kids are inherently better at separating the truth from falseness. They might come across as extremely inquisitive or even obnoxious as they are easily able to see through lies and have the gumption to call a spade a spade.

Their headstrong nature makes their search for truth seem more powerful than anything. Its next to impossible to fool them with a false facade; they are able to see right through it and will not hesitate in calling out so. This habit of questioning stated facts and their quest for truth makes them one of a kind.


1. A passionate truth-seeker

You or the person in question have always been truth seekers. You give utmost importance to it and can immediately see through false claims.

2. Have a developed sense of intuition

Your intuitions are more often accurate and are a direct result of your perceptive nature.

3. Have a sense of idealism

You hold yourself and others up to high standards. This could easily make you seem like a demanding individual but it’s just that you believe in doing the best in every situation and expect the same from others.

4. Spiritual nature

For you, spirituality makes more sense than any religion. You know religion deeply has a great purpose, but you don’t bind yourself to the idea of a particular holy text. You believe in seeking out the soul.

5. Have an old soul

You possess wisdom beyond your age. Your decisions reflect that wisdom and your strong thoughts.

6. A strong will

You possess a strong will and never shy away from searching for what is true and standing up for it.

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