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Goodbye Diabetes With No Meds. Have This Instead!

One man got the diagnosis of diabetes and hypertension, 4 years ago and then he decided to improve his health and try natural ways.

Suddenly, he stumbled upon this diagnosis and because he was abnormally thirsty the whole time. He did blood tests and all his results were soaring! They gave him insulin therapy and he started doing workouts too.

Nothing made him feel better, just worse and then he started a new chapter in his life from scratch. He watched the Edge of Science, a show with Dr. J. Zirdum and he talked about eating raw foods for more than a decade. This encouraged the man to try this method.

First, he bought a blender. In the first week he had many temptations and he resisted them to level good the blood sugar first.

Then after this, he stopped the insulin and could not raise sugar in the blood. He even lost weight, maybe 25 pounds more or less in just a month and there is more! In 4 months he lost 50 pounds and triglycerides got to 1.4 while the pressure was 120/70. He was good as new. He was never better, healthier or happier with no meds.

You need:

5 bananas
2 kiwis
Kale handful
2 apples
Put everything in a blender and blend really smooth and fast. Add ½ liter water and half of this whole dose is taken in the morning, while the rest divided through the day.

This needs along many fresh fruits and veggies, also you can eat tuna for the B12 vitamin, beneficial for the overall health.

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