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“Guardian House” and honey as a cure for many diseases

It is an extraordinary universal medicine that can be used in various health problems and difficulties.

Sempervivum tectorum is a medicinal plant which is commonly known in our country as the “guard house”. His name represents his ability to live even under different conditions, but also represents the place he can most often meet – exactly on the roofs of the houses.

The guard house and honey remove cysts and myomas, treat the stomach upsets caused by helicobacter pylori, strengthen immunity, relieve thyroid problems, facilitate digestion, improve the digestive system, eliminate the prison and regulate the problem with hard stool, treat mucous inflammation and help in many other diseases and disorders.

Many people tried this folk remedy and literally swore in its effectiveness, and here’s how it is done:

300 grams of juicy leaves from the guard house are grinded in a meat machine or in a blender, and then mixed with 500 grams of homemade and as much as possible more quality honey. All this is placed in a glass jar, rewind with foil and left to stand in a refrigerator.

The honey and the guard house as a medicine are taken in the morning on an empty stomach, a teaspoon, and half an hour after that, nothing is eaten or drunk.

The greatest merit of this natural remedy is the detoxification and purification of the body from accumulated harmful toxins.

In fact, there is almost no better and healthier recipe for accelerating the metabolism of the combination of a house keeper and honey, and their effect is beneficial also after strong and caloric meals, abundant feasts, but also various celebrations and celebrations when we often know how to exaggerate eating and drinking, but also in every other sense.

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