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This is Very Harmful, but Most of Us Still Do it When Making Love !

Everything we knew about se* fell into the water when the doctors told us we do this wrong.
There are a lot of myths and fairy tales when it comes to se* – like that if you jump around after se*, you will not be able to get pregnant, even if the guy ejaculates inside of you.
But a word of advice for better se* proved to be not only pointless but also harmful. The urinating before se* – which is promoted as a way to avoid urinary tract infections, does exactly the opposite of what is claimed.
Famous urologists note that deliberately urinating before se* increases the risk of infection, much more common in women than men.

This is Very Harmful

Urologist David Kauffman argues that the story about the benefits of urinating before se* is one of the most widespread and regularly assures his patients not to do so, since it is the leading cause of post-coital urinary infections.
In fact, during se* intimate part bacteria can boost the urethra, which then allows bacteria to travel through it and to get hold of the urinary bladder more easily, which produces infection.
Because of all this, it’s better to urinate after se*, and take great care to get enough fluids in the body, to avoid dehydration and help expel the infection, according to the Independent.
Also, infections in the area contribute to the use of diaphragms and condoms with spermicidal lubricant.

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