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He Refused Chemotherapy, Lived More Than His Doctors and Today He Is 102 Years Old. This Man Has Finally Revealed The Cure For Cancer!

Today we will present you an amazing life story about a person who was suffering from lung cancer.

In 1976, this man was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, so he started seeking a cure for this terrible disease. Nine different doctors told him that he will die in six months and that he should immediately undergo chemo therapy.
The man refused the radiation and returned to his birthplace in Greece. He became depressed at the beginning where his wife and mother took care of him. But, after a short period of time, something unbelievable happened.

The man decided to activate himself because he had little time left. He was climbing on a hill where a Greek Orthodox Church is located. He was spending hours of talking with the locals there, accompanied with two bottles of homemade wine! He started feeling strong in the next months so he decided to plant his own garden.
He did not expect that he would begin to work so much, he began to wake up early and spent the whole day in the air. He was making dishes with vegetables from his garden. In the night he was going to the local bar to play dominoes. Time flew by so fast but he was healthier than ever.

He renovated his own house and he has producing annually up to 1.5000 liters of home-made wine. When he turned 97 years, he realized that he had not die from cancer and decided to visit the doctors in the hospital. Unfortunately, his doctors were passed away.
This man did not undergo chemotherapy so he extended his life for many years. He just moved to the countryside, lived for 102 years and died a natural death! The following video will present you his amazing life story as well as the activates and food that he incorporated into his daily life.

source:/ Interview of Stamatis Moraitis-youtube/

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