Zodiac Signs And You

How You Know You’ve Found “The One” Based On Your Zodiac Sign


When you meet a person who doesn’t make you feel like you’ve just settled for them, you’ve met the right person for you. You’ll know that you have deliberately chosen to love that person instead of anyone else.


Extremely motivated and a workaholic, you also often tend to waver between indecision and insecurity. You keep doubting yourself at all times, especially of your place in a relationship. When you meet someone who reassures you of your worthiness, you will have found the one.


Showing people your real self is quite a challenge for you. But when you find the one, you’ll be comfortable being completely sincere around them. They make you feel safe enough to be vulnerable and open up around them. You never feel like hiding your true self from them because you love them.


You have a soft heart so you constantly worry that others might try to use it for their own ends. You are a bashful, quiet, reserved person who is easily intimidated. But there will be someone who you feel like you can trust completely and that is the one.


As a born leader, you are used to being in charge at all times, in all places. However, when you meet the right person, you’ll see that it is not right to be the one always controlling and manipulating the situation. You let go of your rigid hold on yourself and others when you’re with this one special person.


A deep hatred of confrontation ensures that you’d rather leave than deal with the troubles in all relationships. When you find the person who you never want to leave; who you’d fight for if need be, they’re the one.


Extroverted and outgoing, you like to be liked by all the people you meet. This need sees you walking away from relationships so that you won’t have to give up even a little of your social life. But you’ll drop any of these social engagements for the right person.


While you are also a social butterfly, you don’t let people get too close because vulnerability leaves you scared. However, everything will be different when you find the right person. You’ll be completely comfortable being open with them, showing them everything you’ve kept carefully hidden from everyone till then.


You prefer a fling to a serious relationship so you never let yourself feel intensely about anyone. That attitude towards love will change when you find the right person. They’ll make you feel all sorts of incredible emotions and help you grow to be a better person than before.


As a rather complicated person, you have to go to great lengths to reach an understanding with others. Your little quirks and eccentricities tend to set you apart. But you’ll feel completely accepted when you meet the right person. They’ll be capable of understanding you with hardly any difficulty.


People tend to find you extremely reserved because you’ve built walls around yourself so high that breaching them is not a small task. The one for you will be capable of storming your fort and making you fully at ease with them, because of the trust you both develop.


Like a fish, you just like to go with the flow at all times. You don’t feel the need to step in and take charge of your destiny. The right person will make you feel like you need to get on your feet and take over your life’s controls.

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