Look For This When You Decide Which Water To Purchase

Look for this when you decide which water to purchase:

  • PETE or PET

If you see these letters it means that the bottles free chemical and heavy metals which can influence the production of the body hormones.

  • HDPE or HDP

These labeled letters mean that this bottle is safe to use. You can freely purchase this product because it is healthy and it does not free any toxins and chemicals in the water.

  • PVC or 3V

PVC and 3V are very toxic substances and they interrupt the hormonal balance so do not buy bottles with these letters.

  • LDPE

This presents plastic that is free from chemicals, but LDPE is common for use to plastic bags not for bottles.

  • PP

Syrup packages and yogurt cups contain PP- which is white plastic or semi-transparent.

  • PS

Coffee cups and fast food casings often have these letters on their label, and it means that they are carcinogens.

  • PC or non-labelled

It is considered to be the most toxic plastic. This is used for sport water bottles and food containers and releases BPA in the content.

So protect your health and do not forget to check the bottom of the bottle that you buy.

source:/thehealthy food com/

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