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Silent killer in your bedroom

Dark room, cool temperature, comfortable bed – the ideal prerequisite for a deep and long-lasting sleep. But what if we tell you that in this wonderful setting there is something in your room … or even under your pillow, which slowly and silently kills you? Scary, right? You have no idea how this affects your mental and physical health.

Now that we’ve gained your attention, we will uncover this pest. Filling in Facebook and Instagram before sleep hinders not only your sleep. Using mobile phones for a long time is harmful to health, and holding the camera under the pillow or in close proximity to your head is also extremely dangerous and even lethal in the long run.

What is happening?

Mobile phones emit radiation that can cause brain damage. They can lead to headaches, muscle aches and other health damage. The transmission of a signal of about 900 MHz has an adverse effect on the functioning of body systems.

Studies also link the radiation from mobile phones to erectile dysfunction in men. Gentlemen who do not share their phones even at night are threatened by reduced quantity and poor quality of sperm.

The blue light from the phone can also hinder the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This disturbs the circadian rhythms (the body clock) and may also interfere with sleep. The reason is that blue light emit wavelengths that are similar to daylight and cause our senses to think it is still a day.

Who says what

The World Health Organization warns that using mobile phones or keeping them close to you while you sleep may be carcinogenic, especially in children, because their scalp and skull are thinner than adults and are more vulnerable to radiation . To reduce the risk of cancer, it is advisable to use a headset or a loudspeaker. Do not hold the phone in bed!

How far should you keep the device?

The strength of the radio frequency electromagnetic field that is connected to the phone decreases very strongly when you move it away from the head. There is no specific distance, but it is advisable to keep it at least three paces away from your head.

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