Healthy Hacks

Stop a running nose in 5 minutes

Message of specific points on the face can help the body to recover quickly. By pressing this 4 points you are activating the internal forces of the body to deal with nasal discharge.

This is an effective way that suggests Hun Sen Lu, a doctor of Chinese medicine.

It is necessary to press strong (but not too strong to feel pain) the points with the top of the fingers for about 1 minute each.

Point No.1. If you extend the line of the eyebrows, this point will be found directly above the nose.

Point No.2. Two symmetric points on either side of the face. Barely noticeable depressions that are on the edge of outside line of eyebrows. They should be pressed simultaneously.

Point No.3. Two symmetrical points to the beginning of the nose near the edge of the eye sockets. Massage simultaneously.

Point No.4. Symmetrical points spaced about half centimeters from his nose.

This steps can stimulate the organism faster to get rid of cold and flue.

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