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Strange Symptoms Of Stroke: Do Not Ignore Them, They Can Save Your Life

Many cases of females who had a stroke with a fatal outcome, most of which could have been avoided. That’s why it was decided to reveal to all women around the world symptoms that they would never have assumed to be a stroke and have the power to save their life.

For starters, it warns you to stop thinking that this condition rarely attacks women, on the contrary, just the ladies are a huge risk group, while their symptoms can be significantly different from those in men. For example, many women do not know that the symptoms of stroke can be the simplest hiccups and chest pain. These include headaches, headaches and stiffness that are expressed on one side of the body. Those symptoms that are common both for men and women are weakness in the arms and legs, loss of control of the facial muscles, uneven mouth with a smile and incomprehensible speech.

If you experience any of these symptoms, especially in combination, do not hesitate and immediately visit your doctor. Also keep in mind that smoking increases the risk of stroke, as well as the pressure that is over 140/90. If your hemoglobin is higher than 5.7, you are in the risk group, and you must also look out for cholesterol. Those who suffer from diabetes are exposed to an even greater risk, in which the consequences of the stroke are much more serious.

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