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These 10 Foods Will Cleanse Your Body Completely

The first thing to do if we want to preserve our health is to keep a healthy meal plan.

By consuming specific foods we can maintain the balance of our body and detoxify it, efficiently releasing all the toxins.

These are 10 foods that can cleanse your body:


Lemons can remove toxins from your body and improve immunity due to the fact that they are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Lemon can enhance the work of gallbladder, liver and digestive system. They are considered to be among the best food for detoxification.

According to experts, sipping a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach is extremely beneficial.


Tomatoes have the power to protect your cardiovascular system and maintain your good health, as they are rich in vitamin C and additional nutrients.

They are filled with a rare, but incredibly powerful antioxidant that can defeat free radicals and detoxication called lycopene. To cleanse your body from toxins, eat tomato salad daily along with a little protein.


Grapes are full of antioxidants and other compounds that can purify your blood, regulate cholesterol, clear tissue and improve digestion and function of the liver.

Their effectiveness comes from an antioxidant called resveratrol.


Celery is one of the best vegetables we know. It is able to eliminate toxins and harmful substances stored in your body. Moreover, it has strong diuretic abilities that help in the case of fluid retention.

Due to the fiber content, celery can enhance digestion and circulation. Combine it with a beets and apples to make a tasty and beneficial smoothie.


Asparagus has the ability to eliminate toxins through urine. It is full with many essential nutrients that will significantly improve your health.


Apples can do miracles for your health. They can detoxify your blood, balance your cholesterol levels, and increase your psychological health due to the fact that they are full of fibers.

Apples can accelerate digestion and mask your desire for food, while at the same time preventing you from eating too much and getting too much weight. The best way to eat them is raw, although you can include them in fruit salads or smoothies.


An excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Many studies have shown that Pomegranate can fight many diseases, including cancer.

This is due to its effectiveness in the fight against free radicals. You can eat this fruit raw, add it to salads or prepare it in the form of tea (it works fine against diarrhea).


Onion effectively removes toxic materials. They found its use in the treatment of asthma, blood toxicity, nasal congestion and digestion problems due to its powerful antibacterial components. Consume it raw to get the best out of it.


Artichokes can restore the health of the liver. They can cleanse your body and stop fluid retention.

It is known for its digestion improves fiber, digestion,minerals and vitamins. Improving the flow of the gall bladder is also one of their hits, performing basic detoxification.


Some of you might not know, but this plant is full of antiinflammatory components. It is rich with antioxidants and flavonoids and can effectively detoxify your liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal system. It stimulates the secretion of sodium and prevents fluid retention. Be sure to add parsley to your food.

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