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Try This Simple Yet Very Effective Method and Get Rid of Sciatic Nerve Pain

How the Sciatic Nerve is Affected

Sciatica is typically caused by compression of the spinal nerve in the lower back. Lumbar radiculopathy or radicular pain is the medical term for sciatica, suggesting that the symptoms develop within the radicular nerve in the spine.

Many lower back pain problems can contribute to a pain which spreads along the sciatic nerve. Very often, sciatica pain stems from irritated herniated disk which affects the L5 or S1 nerve root in the lower spine. These nerve roots are very sensitive and the inner part of the disc that might extrude/ herniated contains pro-inflammatory proteins which irritate the nerves.

The symptoms differ, depending on which nerve is affected and how much of it is compressed. Given that the sciatic nerve connects the spinal cord with the outer part of the thigh, the muscles in the lower leg, and the hamstrings muscles in the back of the thighs, impaired sciatic nerve leads to muscle weakness and numbness/ tingling in the toes, foot, ankle, and the leg. These sensations are quite variable; but they typically first affect the buttock and then spread into the toes.  They also depend on the unique anatomical variances as well as the features of the specific pathology. However, what these symptoms have in common is that the pain is often debilitating, compromising your day-to-day activities.

Although prescribed medications do provide a quick fix, they tend to mask the symptoms without addressing the root cause. On the other hand, there are natural remedies, exercises, and solutions available, all of which do get to the underlying cause of the problem. In other words, the natural options relieve pressure and inflammation in the nerve, while preventing sciatic nerve pain at the same time.

If you were looking for such an effective and all-natural solution, look no further. The treatment presented below is simple, time-efficient, and extremely effective. It is worth noting that the effects will vary in each individual, depending on their condition.

The 10-Minutes Bedtime Treatment

Pour liters of hot water in a bucket ( make sure the water is not too hot to touch)

Add a liter of apple cider vinegar ( ACV) and a handful of salt

Mix all the ingredients so that the salt fully dissolves

Put your feet in the bucket and soak until the water begins to cool down

Remove the feet from the bucket and pat dry them

Go to bed, making sure the feet remain warm during the night, preferably by using an extra blanked as an extra sheet to cover them well

In the morning, don’t stand or walk on the floor barefoot! Wear socks and slippers throughout the day

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