Zodiac Signs And You

What Type Of Kisser Are You, According On Your Zodiac


If you’re a Capricorn, you are probably a great problem solver, organized, an excellent partner, and take your time to get things right, including kissing. Your kisses are sure to be down-to-earth, private, and relaxing. It’s that classic movie kiss that says romance with a hint of passion.

You’re not likely to rush though; you’re slow and deliberate. Some would say you are picky but you know it’s better to hold out for the one who’s worth locking lips with. When it happens, you’re sure to be genuinely affectionate, running your fingers through your partner’s hair and giving a kiss that drains all the stress out of their body.


Are you wild and unconventional?

Aquarians are known to love art and the art of seduction. The mood has got to be just right, and goodness, don’t forget about the lighting! If you’re an Aquarius, you’re bound to start off slow until the fire starts to burn intensely. From a slow and cautious kiss, you erupt into an all-consuming fire. Your kisses may be wet and messy, but they are sure to take one’s breath away.


You’re not one to be selfish if you are a Pisces. This zodiac is known for their selflessness and devotion. You’re not a bore though and can be quite a tease when it comes to kissing. You may enjoy brushing your partner’s lips to tease them into wanting more. You lure them in closer and closer with deep eye contact until they are overcome by your love and wet fervent kisses.

  1. ARIES

Who needs the same old, same old all the time?

The Aries thrives on keeping things new. They are not only charismatic but passionate and enthusiastic as well. There is no denying that the Aries is a passionate kisser. The kind of kisser that is sudden and fiery. Like your personality, your kisses are untamable with a hint of adventuresome. Kissing in public doesn’t make you skip a beat. Your signature move is to surprise, and surprise you do!


Springtime is full of new sensory experiences. The blossoms, the blooming flowers, the colors, and the Taurus will soak it all up. You love the sensory input and enjoy lingering your lips on theirs, enjoying the texture of their hair, the smell of their cologne/perfume, and the look on their face.

You’re bound to take things slow, for the best things in life aren’t meant to be rushed. Slowly, sensually, and sincerely, your kisses sweep them away. You’re focused on all aspects of your life and kissing isn’t excluded from that list. Your kissing style is tender, and you leave your partner feeling cherished.


Oh, Gemini. If you are anything like your zodiac, you’re a flirt. Your quick mind is just as fast as your butterfly kisses. Your kissing style, based on your zodiac is quick and sweet. It’s hard to get you to stay focused for an extended period of time, so a kiss from you is a delight.


A Cancerian is often described as sentimental, but it goes deeper than that. You are in tune with your feelings and follow your gut instinct. When you are with someone you love a lot, your kissing reflects it. If you’re true to your sign, your kisses are constant and get more heated by the second. You’re a dreamy kisser who plants warm wet kisses that leave your partner feeling satisfied. You kiss like you mean it and your partner better return the same amount of emotional intensity.

  1. LEO

Leo’s a fiery lion with a personality that is brave and impulsive. A Leo doesn’t beat around the bush or play it safe. When a Leo kisses, they kiss with wild, unhindered passion. Your kissing style is likely to be fun, hot, and playful.

  1. VIRGO

If you’re true to your sign, you pay close attention to detail, a trait that enhances their kissing style. When A Virgo kisses, they only give enough to stoke your desire. Your kissing style is to embrace them and hold them close. A kiss from you is sentimental, and you aren’t likely to appreciate a wet slobbery ordeal.

  1. LIBRA

You are beauty; you are class. You love to look your best, and you’re likely to be very distracted while kissing. You’re more likely to stress about your breath, appearance, and how well you’re kissing than other zodiacs. Your kisses are like those from a fairytale, and you are romantic.


Did you know that the Scorpio is known as the most passionate zodiac sign? If you’re kissing style matches your zodiac, then you will find yourself kissing every inch of your partner’s body and with many different techniques. Your kisses are the kind your mate remembers years later! They are fun, profound, and deep. Sexy and sensual, your kisses are to die for.


Last but not least is the Sagittarius. This zodiac sign lover likes to please their partners but remains exciting as well. You can be spontaneous and love fun. Where there are fun and adventure, there’s sure to be a kiss.

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